Symbols are the way I receive, process and interpret information from Light.
Light is my connection to conscious awareness.
Most of the symbols are from images or ideas have been photographed by me over years, from antiques advertisements or custom designs that I have created myself.
The symbols are then arranged intuitively into compositions that then become a complete illustrated story.
Window To Your SoulAngels Of Judgement One Way To LibertyReach Out of the Darkness Standard OperationsGoddess RisingBlinding ScienceSign Of The TImesThe Road Less TraveledElectronic JesusDe-Classifying Sattelites/ Trance Kabbalah Tree Of LifeHand Reader To Thine Own Self Be TrueBindi Hand OneBindi Hand 2Papillion HandAutomatic Recall We Do Not RememberCyclopThe Last #MeToo Man